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Voltage Controlled Love (Switched On Doepfer II)

Voltage Controlled Love (Switched On Doepfer II) - Andy Horrell

This is a solo album recorded at the Synclub studio using exclusively the Doepfer A-100 analogue modular synthesiser (no other instrument was used).

Featuring well known pop, film & TV pieces, plus four original compositions, multitracked over 60 times with one analogue synthesiser.

Arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Horrell at Synclub Studio.


Track Listing:-

Zadok The Priest     -     Handel

Seven Ate Nine     -     Andy Horrell

Video Killed The Radio Star     -     The Buggles

Blockbusters (Theme)     -     Ed Welch

Voltage Controlled Love     -     Andy Horrell

Magic Moments     -     Burt Bacharach

Forever Young     -     Alphaville

Simply Amadeus     -     Andy Horrell

The Never Ending Story     -     Giorgio Moroder

Thunderbirds (Theme)     -     Barry Gray

After The Storm     -     Andy Horrell

Pirates Of The Caribbean (Theme)   -   Klaus Badelt

Here’s the promo video on YouTube

Available on CD from the shop here page

Here’s the complete Video Killed The Radio Star video on YouTube