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The earliest compositions from Andy Horrell came in 1977,

these were mainly instrumental pieces, based around electronic synth music.

In more recent times, the composition has focused on vocal songs, and now with the writing partnership with Glen Cooper writing lyrics, the output has become quite prolific.

Including two complete musicals, and more in progress.

The Songs with Glen Cooper

The Songs with John Horrell

The Songs (lyrics by Andy Horrell, inc Traditional)

My Friend

The World’s Not Fair To Us

A Thousand Dreams

Fading Memories On Faded Stone

Then I Will Burn (based on Once Upon A Time In The West)

That I Never Kissed Annette

Singing To The Moon

If You Should Think Of Me

Loose Change


Missing Alba
Only When We Dance

Missing You At Christmas

Carol Singers Sing

The Sly Old Fox
The Best Man’s Speech

Earth Minus 14 (complete musical)


Somewhere On Another World

Computer Says No

We’re Heading For Planet Earth

Now Seize This Day
Good Night Mother Earth
On A Collision Course With Earth

Victorian Love Affair (musical)


! Was Adored Once

This Will Be A Beautiful Year

We Are As One

Tylers Lake

To Michael (poem by Prudence Hosegood)

Peace By Thine  (based on a anonomous poem)

They Say There Is No Reason  (based on a anonomous poem)

Jerusalem (arrangement)

Amazing Grace (arrangement)

The Lost Cavalier (complete musical)


We Don’t Want No War (lyrics Andy Horrell)
How Are You Today
(lyrics Andy Horrell)
Somewhere On This Journey

Dance For Life  (instrumental)
She’s With Him

Nathaniel Fiennes Battle Cry

A Country That Is Fighting With It’s King

Into Battle

The Battle Of Defence  (instrumental)
The Sombre Song

By The Ears Of Corn
This Was Our Home

All The King’s Horses
I Look To You
Stealing A March

An English Civil War

The Scythe Of Mortality

Tomorrow’s Battle

Battle For Wardour Castle (instrumental)
Goodbye Life

Lament To Thomas

It’s Time To Celebrate

Broken Home

These Unfancied Clothes

I Will Not Let Them Hurt You

One More Battle

I Don’t Want To Fight

The Battle For Bristol (instrumental)
Our Love Affair Is Over

We’re Marching Home

Samuel, What Have You Done?

The Black Crow

There’ll Be A Time

The Lost Cavalier

The Songs with Glen Cooper

The Instrumentals

Voltage Controlled Love

Seven Ate Nine

Simply Amadeus

After The Storm

The Ostrich Polka

Highland Anthem

Olympian Fanfare




Space Traveller


The Electron Race

Night Race

Orchestral 1

Maybe I’d Been
Follow Me