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Switched On Doepfer

Switched On Doepfer - Andy Horrell

This is a solo album recorded at the Synclub studio using exclusively the Doepfer A-100 analogue modular synthesiser (no other instrument or sampler was used at all).

Featuring well known classical pieces, plus two original compositions, multitracked up to 42 times with one analogue synthesiser.

Arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Horrell at Synclub Studio.


Track Listing clips:-

Russlan & Ludmilla Overture    -     Glinka
Lexigram     -     Andy Horrell
Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba     -     Handel
Trumpet Concerto I     -     Haydn
Trumpet Concerto II     -     Haydn
Trumpet Concerto III     -     Haydn
Onward     -     Andy Horrell
Toccata in F     -     Widor

The 90 second challenge project was funded by the Urban Cultural programme

Available on CD from the shop here page