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To Michael

     One morning, I was reading the local free newspaper that had just dropped through the letter box and I came across an article about a long lost poem.

      Michael Cooper was born in 1954 with Ceralby Palsy,  and needed a lot of care. To give the parents a break, it was Prudence Hosegood who used to come in once a week to help.  On one occasion she wrote a poem about baby Michael, which she gave to baby Michael’s mother.  Shortly after, at the age of just 5, Michael died  of his illness.

     The poem remained unseen for fifty years, it was only on the passing of baby Michael’s mother, that the poem was revealed, she had secretly always carried the poem with her.

     Baby Michael’s younger brother Glen, had contacted the newspaper with the story, in the hope that someone would be inspired by this story.

     Once I saw the poem, I knew it could be a song, and this is how To Michael came about, the lyrics to the song are the exact poem, it seemed too inappropriate to change anything

     Through this song, I discovered that Glen was a writer of poetry and lyrics, and that was the beginning of our writing partnership, that continues to this day. If it wasn’t for baby Micheal, this writing partnership would never have happened.

     In memory of  baby Michael Cooper (1954 - 1959).

Andy Horrell

To Michael

He wasn’t born like other children
Not as competent and bright
He could not talk nor could he walk
Could not even read or write

But his little face would brighten
To the music of a band
And flowers gave him pleasure
When he held them in his hand

And he overflowed with happiness
Though hindered from the start
Only his parents knew the warmth
Of love within his heart

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