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My Friend

My Friend

Sometimes when time is passing
We need a friend right near
Help stop life being tiresome
And smooth away our fear

Life's full of endless problems
Decisions to be made
A friend's real true affection
Must surely never fade

Who is my trusted friend
Who just loves to be near
Who stays so true and honest
Who is forever so dear

These are our future mem'ries
That we are making here
Look back to this one moment
And the past will appear


One day I'll be without her
I guess life'll still go on
Memories always stay with you
Time together now all gone

Who'd be such a wond'rous friend
My attention craves to hog
No one can match the affection
She's just my little dog

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The lyrics

Maybe you would need to be a dog lover to appreciate this song, as it is difficult to explain the relationship between a dog  owner and their dog, but many a dog owner will understand this.

The lyrics were written by my father John Horrell, and was written about my Cavalier King Charles dog Holly whilst she was still with me, the penultimate verse had an inevitable meaning, which was only felt once the inevitable happened. I lost her after 10 years to ill health, so this song could only be dedicated to her, the best friend anyone could have.

“Memories always stay with you”, as she was by myside when I wrote this song,  “Time together now all gone”, is unfortunately so true,  but this song brings her back to me for it’s duration.

Dedicated to my little Holly  (2002 - 2011)

Andy Horrell

© 2009 John Horrell