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It was November 19th 1600 when Charles was born to King James VI of Scotland. By 1603 James became King James I of England, and in 1612 Charles’s elder brother Henry had died, leaving Charles as heir to the throne. In 1625 when James died, Charles became King Charles I. Charles did not rule well, and after war with the Scots in 1637, Charles was in disagreement with his people and his parliament, which he had dissolved several times. Things were worsening, and during August 1642 fighting started and civil war became imminent, and by 1643 the war was moving to Bristol.

   Brothers Samuel and Thomas are typical Bristolians,  and when war  comes to Bristol they get caught up in the conflict , which separates them form their partners Susanna and Catherine.  As the Royalist Cavaliers take Bristol ,  it is not long before Bristol  becomes an unpleasant place to be, and the Cavalier commander Prince Rupert blackmails Samuel into becoming a Royalist spy. Samuel has no choice but to agree, and his life starts to disintegrate ,  things go from  bad to worse for him and those around him ………

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