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Cavalier Productions SONGS


The Creation Of The World   -   instrumental
Telescopic View   -   Robin
We’re Heading For Planet Earth   -   The Aliens
Blind Date   -   Robin & Marian
The Acid Test  -   Robin & Marian
Computer Says No   -   The Aliens
We Need A Decoy   -   The Aliens
Somewhere, Not So Far Away   -   The Aliens
The Planet Zinnia   -  The Aliens
At Zinnia Zoo   -   The Aliens
On A Collision Course (With Earth)    -   Ensemble


Somewhere On Another World   -   Marian
A Time Machine   -   Robin
The Space Cha Cha   -   The Aliens
Maybe I’ve Been Hasty   -   Marian
I Could Eat You   -   The Aliens
Let Me Go Back   -   Robin
Earth Minus 14   -   Robin
Good Night Mother Earth   -   Robin & The Aliens
What Is This Light?  -   Robin
Now Seize This Day   -   Ensemble