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There is a little known scientific fact, known only to a few specially selected people, that there is another planet which circles the sun on the same orbit as our own, it is exactly the same size as our Earth, and everything about it is exactly the same, it is known as Earth Minus 14.

The story initially revolves around Robin Berry and his newly discovered true love Marian Meadows. Just two hours into their brief relationship and Robin steps away from the table, gets down on one knee, and loudly, much to the annoyance of Marian and dismay of the fellow diners, asks Marian to marry him. Not that she isn't holding some feelings for him but his outburst shocks her beyond dismay and she runs from the restaurant crying. The evening is a total disaster. The only thing which might convince her that Robin is a man not a boy, would be if he could save the world! As if!

Some two weeks later, Robin is consoling himself with a bit of stargazing. Just around midnight there is a very strange object flying over a cloudless Bristol sky and later it appears to crash land in the north Somerset Mendip hills. Later a large white light shines into Robin's bedroom window. Four strange looking silhouettes enter his room and stand before him. He is whisked away and placed on an alien spacecraft. All at once the two mirrored worlds, which have been following an identical path for all these millions of years, start to follow a different course. Robin, as a keen astrologist, has been selected by the aliens to assist them.

On top of all this, a huge fireball was seen to have broken away from the sun and impact has driven the Earth and its sister planet off keel. It is clear to scientists on both planets that only one Earth is going to survive, but which one?

Meanwhile, back on the an alien spacecraft, a very confused Robin is gradually discovering the full extent of his predicament, and to top it all off, he's heartbroken to having lost Marian. The aliens, or more importantly their spaceship computer, who are much more advanced than the scientists on Earth suspect that it is our Earth which is to be hit and decide to take over Earth Minus 14 instead. However, Robin devises a plan where he changes the information before it gets to the alien leaders so it appears that Earth Minus 14, is now the target. And that they are safer staying where they are.

He then tells the aliens that he would rather be dead than live without his true love, and they agree, once he has calmed local fears, that he can see his last few days out on Earth Minus 14 with Marian, replacing him for his double. He then sets out to relive that fateful evening with Marian, save the world and destroy all the aliens.

© 2014 Andy Horrell & Glen Cooper

(P) 2014 Cavalier Productions