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Grand Parents

Great Grand Parents

Great Great Grand Parents

Amantra Songster

Amantra Song For Guy

Rossbonny Triple Chance

Amantra Coastguard JW

Amantra Triple Mint

Amantra Jacobina

Amantra Lanola Jackson

Amantra Fallen Angel

Amantra Impetuous

Amantra Independence

Mareve Indiana

Amantra Carolina

Amantra Natalia

Tanmerack Botticelli

Amantra Rock The Cradle

Amantra Leading Lady

Amantra Palladium

Wandris Entertainer JW

Pascavale Enchanted

Wandris Show Girl

Amantra Fortunes Rock

Amantra Rockin’ Robin

Amantra Madonna

Amantra Fifth Avenue

Amantra Memphis

Nevhil’s Nashville

Amantra Love On The Rocks JW

Amantra Regalia

Emsmere Royalist

Amantra Rock Cake

Names in blue were champions

Sire is cyan background

Dam is pink background

Ellie was born in Banwell, (North Somerset) on the 7th June 2011,

and KC registered as “Amantra Streisand”

as a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Family Tree