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Blenheim - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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A young Ellie 5 months old

Ellie discovering toys

Discovering toys

Elllie still learning

Still learning to stay on the sofa when asleep

Ellie found more toys

Found some more toys

Ellile perfected staying in bed

Perfected the art of staying on the sofa when asleep

Elllie at 7 months

A growing Ellie at 7 months old

Ellie found a blue ball

Found a blue one now

Ellie at 1 year old

Ellie at 1 year old

Ellie playing in the garden

Playing in the garden

Ellie at 2 years old

End of a busy birthday at 2 years old

Ellie at 3 years old

A warm summer birthday at 3 years old

Ellie what's that over there

What’s that over there ?

Ellie time for a pose Ellile at 4 years old

In the garden  at 4 years old

Time for a quick pose