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Welcome to the EMIS Synthesizer Museum Homepage,
one of the largest collections of vintage instruments

The actual museum is moving to a new purpose built building soon, but will become a private collection with no viewing available.

It may still be possible to view specific items by arrangement, and specific video/photograph shoots may still be arranged.

This website will go through a major rewrite, to become a better resource for all the instruments


Indexed by manufacturer click the manufacturer for more info (some pages not active yet)
123... 360 systems
A Accessit Acetone Acorn AHB Akai
Alesis Amdek Antalex Aphex Apple Aria
Armon ARP ART Atari
B Bel Bit Bohm Boss
C Carlsbro Casio Chase Clef Commodore
D Darburn Davoli Daytron DBX Delta Lab
Denon Digisound Digital Keyboards Digitech Doepfer Drawmer
Dubreq Dynacord
E Eagle Echoman EDC EDP EKO
Electrospace Electro Harmonix Elega Elgam Elka E&MM
EML EMS EMU Ensoniq ETI Evans
Evolution Excel
F Fairlight Farfisa Fender Rhodes Firstman Fostex
Fricke Frontline Furman
G Garfield Electronics GB GEM/Generalmusic Gerd Schulte Godwin
Grampian Greengate
H Hammond HH Hillwood Hohner HOT
Hybrid Music
I Ibanez IN Mitchell
JWM Electronics
K Kawai Kay Ken Multi Keynote Korg
L Leslie Linn Logan Lynex
M M&A Maestro Maplin Market Electronics Marlin
Mattel Melos Monacor Monarch Moog Movement / MCS
MPC Multivox MXR
N National
O Oberheim Octave Electronics Ondes Orla
P PAIA Paragon Systems Pearl Peterson Philips
Pielle Electronica Pioneer Powertran PPG Practical Electronics Polivoks
Q Quad
R Realistic Rhodes/Chroma Roland Rotel
S Samick Sankei Schaller Seiko Selmer
Sequential Circuits Siel Silversound Simmons Simms Watts Sinclair
SMS Solasound Solina Solton Sonor Sony
Sound City Soundmaster SPL SSB (Banana) Steiner-Parker Storm
Stramp Syco Syndrum Synsonics Syntec Synthesizer Music Services
Synton Syntauri
T Tama Tascam/Teac Technics Teisco Texas Instruments
Toa Toshiba Tubby
U Ultimate Percussion Ursa Major
V Vermona Vestax (Vestfire / Vestakozo) Vox
W Waldorf Watford Electronics Welson WEM Wersi
Y Yamaha
??? Miscellaneous

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The EMIS Synthesizer Museum is situated in Bristol, UK and is a real collection of real instruments. This site is intended as an information resource to show what is in the museum. It is under constant developement - so keep coming back! but if you need any info not listed, just ask us by email.

The "real" museum is no longer open to the public, but special appointment filming is still possible. Contact andy@emismusic.co.uk


For any queries or problems accessing this site contact andy@emismusic.co.uk

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