EMIS Synthesizer Museum
SQ-R S&S (rack version of SQ-1/SQ-2)
ESQm Analogue synth (Rack version of ESQ-1)
DMS8 Mirage 8-Bit Sampler (Rack version of Mirage DSK8)
SPM-1 Piano module based on the Mirage (Rack version of SP-1 Piano)
Ensoniq products made - but not yet in the museum
Mirage Original 8-bit sampling keyboard mirage (c1985)
Mirage DSK8 version 2 of the mirage keyboard
ESQ-1 Analogue synth keyboard (c1986)
SP1 Sampled piano (c1986)
SQ80 updated version of the ESQ-1 (c1988)
EPS 12-bit sampler keyboard (c1988)
EPS16 16-bit sampler keyboard (c1990)
VFX1 S&S synth keyboard (c1990)
SD1 S&S synth keyboard (c1990)
SQ1 61 note S&S synth (c1992)
SQ2 76 note S&S synth (c1992)
KS32 S&S synth keyboard (c1992)
ASR10 16-bit sampler keyboard (c1992)
TS10 S&S synth keyboard (c1993)
TS12 S&S synth keyboard (c1993)
DP/4 Quad effects processor (c1993)
DP/2 Dual effects processor
KT76 (c1994)
KT88 (c1994)
MR61 61 note S&S synth (c1996)
MR76 76 note S&S synth (c1996)
MR Rack rack version S&S synth (c1996)
ASR-X 16 bit sampler (c1997)
E Prime (c1997)
Fizmo (c1998)
ZR76 (c1998)
ASR-X Pro (c1998)
PARIS (c1998) Hard disk recording system
Halo (c2002)



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