EMIS Synthesizer Museum
Digisound 80

A new 26 module system with 5 octave keyboard, is being restored/created

80-1 Power Supply it doesn't do much without this bit!
80-2 VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator based on CEM3340
80-3 VC LFO Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator. based on CEM3340
80-5 Processor CV buffer and lag processor, phase inversion
80-7 VC State Variable Filter Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter based on CEM3320 and CEM3335
80-8 Dual EG Dual ADSR envelope generator based on SSM2050
80-9 Dual VCA Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier based on CEM3330
Harmoniser unnamed modules, performs harmonising
80-13 External Input Two inputs, one Mic one line. Envelope follower plus gate & trigger generated
80-14 Power Amplifier Stereo Power Amplifier. 10W output
80-15 D2 D-A Converter Takes signal from digital keyboard and converts to CV & Gate
80-16 DRF Dual Resonant Filter based on CEM3350
80-19 Dual VC LFO Dual Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator based on CEM3374 and CEM3360
Alphadac 16 Takes signal from digital keyboard and converts to CV & Gate

Modules of the Digisound 80
80-1 Power Supply
80-2 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
80-3 Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator
80-4 Voltage Controlled Mixer
80-5 Processor
80-6 Voltage Controlled Filter
80-7 Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter
80-8 Dual ADSR
80-9 Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier
80-10 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator
80-11 Dual Ring Modulator
80-12 Noise Generator / Sample & Hold
80-13 External Input
80-14 Stereo Power Amplifier
80-15 Keyboard Controller
80-16 Dual Resonant Filter
80-17 Reverberation Unit
80-18 Dual Multi-Function Envelope Generator
80-19 Dual Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator
80-20 Waveform Multiplier
80-21 Voltage Controlled Digital Oscillator
80-22 Patcher
80-23 Quad Low Frequency Oscillator
80-24 Polyphonic Keyboard Controller
80-25 Midi-to-CV Converter
Alphadac 16 way Polyphonic Keyboard Controller



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