The Bristol Synthesizer Club (BSC) ran for 2 years, and after this time the club could not generate enough interest in order to run effectively. As from March 31st 1998 the club has closed down. However, not wishing to completely give in, the club has been held in limbo - and will hopefully, when more interest arises, start up again.

The club was for those interested in the synthesizer, it's workings, sounds and music. The club met on the third Wednesday of each month with discussions, reviews, instruments (mainly vintage) and recordings, plus also a live act performing on the night.

BSC CD The club was to help members produce their own recordings, and the first (and only) "Live" recording at the club has been released on CD. "Live at the Bristol Synthesizer Club" is the first recording featuring members playing live. The CD is still available from EMIS at £10.
Volume 2 and Volume 3 now available at £10 each.
Buy all three together for £20
Eternal Journey Also available on CD are members solo recordings, the first two to be available are "Eternal Journey" and "The Electron Race" by Andy Horrell, both are available from EMIS again at £10 each
Electron Race


Here are some of the articles and topics raised at the club, some are controversial, so keep an open mind!

MIDI has had it's day What's it worth?
What is Electronic Music? Are samplers musical instruments?
Live Performance Playing Live

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