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Used Modulars

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£ 75

Owners Manual

3 Month Guarantee

No manual available

Electrongate  Uni-Trigger

The Uni-Trigger is a CV/Gate to MIDI converter

In good condition.

£ 75

Owners Manual

3 Month Guarantee

No manual available

Philip Rees MCV-1

The MCV is a two channel MIDI to CV converter, switchable S-Trig or V-Trig,  but ony 1v/octave scaling.  Velocity CV out as well. Build in power supply.

In good condition

Philip Rees MCV front Philip Rees MCV back Electrongate front Electrongate back

£ 80

3 Month Guarantee

Doepfer A-135.1  -  VC Mixer

The A-135 is a quad voltage controlled mixer using 4 independent linear VCA’s. The VCA outputs are mixed to a common output, and each input is under voltage control with CV input, attenuator and gain (active pre-amp).

The VCA’s are the same high quality VCA’s as used in the (original) A-130 module - the CEM3381.

In perfect condition, with no mounting marks at all..

Used Doepfer Modular

***   Only available to Doepfer Owners club members   ***

Doepfer A-135 used

£ 64

3 Month Guarantee

Doepfer A-189.1  -  VC Bit Modifier

The A-189.1 offers several voltage controlled algorithmic functions like voltage controlled bit crunching, bit shifting (with/without carry over), bit exchange, rectifying, absolute value and calculating operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. It has two control units both with manual control and CV input with attenuator: one for the algorithmic function according to the selected mode (e.g. number of shifted bits): BC and BC CV and one for the sampling rate (SR and SR CV).

In good condition, with minor mounting marks.

Doepfer A189 used

£ 55

3 Month Guarantee

Doepfer A-114  -  Dual Ring Mod

The A-114 has two identical Ring Modulator circuits which output the product of the signals at inputs X and Y. The ring modulator is a refinement of amplitude modulation (AM).  Ordinary amplitude modulation will output the original carrier frequency (fc) as well as the two side bands (fc-fm, fc+fm) - but ring modulation cancels out the carrier frequencies, and just lets the side bands pass to the output.

In good condition, with some mounting marks.

Doepfer A114 used