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Look after yourself, your partner and your opponents at all times, to make playing the game as safe as possible. Players should observe the following basic safety guidance at all times:

(1)  Remember to warm up and warm down properly. Stretch and warm up before playing and do gentle exercises for arms and legs to ease into the session. Stretch and cool down at the end of the session.

(2)  Hydrate: Drink plenty of water before, during and after the session.

(3)  Don’t overplay your physical condition. If you are new to pickleball make sure you have plenty of rests. Think about only playing for one hour for the first week or two.

(4)  We recommend that members invest in good quality footwear, appropriate for indoor use. Footwear for other indoor sports such as squash & badminton should meet the requirements and allow for controlled slippage & sliding.

(5)  Do not run backwards to play a ball, turn and run instead, or let your partner cover for you. If you have run behind your partner, call out “swap” and only hit the ball if your partner has moved out of the way. You must not strike a ball that is going to hit your partner.

(6)  If a ball comes on to your court from another court, stop play at once and call out “ball!”. The same applies if you hear “ball!” from another player. If you hit a ball onto another court, call out “ball!”, do not chase it onto another court. Wait until they pass it back to you. Never enter another court.

(7)  If you see someone who displays signs of dizziness, weakness or lack of concentration, check they are OK. Recommend a time out if you think it necessary for their sake. If someone falls on court, all play stops until their needs are addressed.

(8)  Never dive for a ball, or run towards a wall.

(9)  Call for a ball if there is any doubt as to whether your partner is also going to attempt to hit the ball, by shouting “mine!”. If your partner calls for a ball by shouting “mine!” don’t attempt to play the ball and keep out of your partners way.

(10) Always be mindful of where your partner and other players maybe, and if any doubt as to whether you can safely play a shot without injuring the other player do not play the shot.

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Safety Guidance