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Thornbury Leisure Centre, Alveston Hill, Thornbury, UK
BS35 3JB

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The purpose of the Thornbury Pickleball Club is promoting the enjoyment of the game of pickleball. This implies proper etiquette and sportsmanship on the part of all TPC members.

All players will be required to observe the following guidance:

a). Help to put up and take down the club nets at the beginning and end of a session.

b) The server must call the score before they serve. (If you are unsure of the score, ask other players what the score is, and then call it).  The receiving side or non server must correct the score if it is incorrect.

c) Make quick and fair line calls and accept those made by your opponents in their half.  If there is any uncertainty, the ball is considered “in”.

d) A fault will be called if you or your partner steps into the kitchen on a volley or steps in (by momentum) after playing a shot from outside the kitchen.

e) At the start of a game players will introduce themselves to any players they do not know and shake hands or similar with the opponents at the end of a match.

f) Players will make new members welcome and be prepared to assist in explaining the rules and provide guidance as necessary

g) Refrain from verbal outbursts that are profane, threatening or abusive.

h) Always be supportive of your partner and respect your opponents.

i) Respect TPC (and Leisure centre’s) property and perform no actions which may cause damage.

j) Behave in a manner consistent with the TPC constitution and endeavour to be an ambassador for the sport.

k) Players must sign in and pay for a session before commencing play

l) All the nets should be put up on all courts before any play takes place

m) If a player fails to attend a club night that they have booked, then they will be removed from the following club night session. The reason for this is, when a session is full, other players who wanted to come were prevented from coming  In addition the session is disrupted by a missing player as courts and tutors time is pre-allocated according to attendees. Further more the club suffers a financial detriment if a player doesn’t attend.

A player must take themselves off the session attendance list on meetup as soon as they are aware they cannot attend, but at minimum at least an hour before the session begins.

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Conduct & Etiquette