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Guidance for dealing with Accidents at Thornbury Pickleball Club  

It is inevitable as with any sporting activity that accidents will happen. For example, players may be hit by a ball or paddle.  So if an accident does happen:

• Stop playing and attend to the injured person. Call an ambulance immediately if  required.

• Notify the sports hall authorities. They will wish to make their own record

• Get the name of the sports hall first aider attending, If it’s serious, they will take  the necessary action, e.g giving treatment or calling an ambulance.

• If a minor injury, let one of the Club Committee know, or nominated lead on the day if the Club Committee are not present. They will deal with the incident and make a record. If they are not in attendance, the details of the accident/incident need to be recorded in the Accident Record Book by the person helping the injured person.

• Make a note of the advice given to the injured party, e.g. seeking medical advice  and/or  appropriate action on their part

• Were there any contributing factors to the accident?  If so, please note in the  accident  book.

• Make a note of any witnesses.

• Also as soon as possible after the event contact one of the Club Committee (if none were in attendance) to advise them of what had occurred (by email if at all possible).

• The Accident Record Book will always be kept with the attendance sheet

Download or print document HERE

Accident Guidance