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EMIS Museum Studio Instruments

Tamburo Kit Tamburo SD drumkit, 5 piece kit with 22" bass drum (17" depth), 14" snare (6.5" depth), 10" High tom (9" depth), 12" Mid tom (9" depth), 14" Low tom (10" depth). 14" Crash cymbal, 16" Crash cymbal, 14" hihats and 20" Ride cymbal.

Additionally a top of the range Stagg 14" (5.5" depth) snare is available, which is tuned higher.

A set of triple Rototoms are also available.

A large selection of percussion instrumenst also available including tambourines, cabasa, vibra-slap, shakers, rainstick, maracas, castanets, cowbell, block, guiro, claves etc....
Fender Jeff Beck Strat signature series guitar. This is an original USA made 1991 instrument with Lace pickups, and has been fitted with a stoptail bridge, for the ultimate stability in tuning.
Fender Strat, USA made 1993 instrument, all original instrument, with original pickups and trem bridge.
Fender Malmsteen Strat signature series guitar. USA made with Scalloped fret board.
PRS McCarty, 1998 USA made with soapbar pickups..
PRS CE24, 1992 USA made with trem.
Kawai MP8 Kawai MP8 digital piano - the ultimate digital piano with a real wooden keyboard, providing Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet and Wurlitzer pianos.
Hammond X5 organ running through a 760 Leslie - a vintage 1970's instrument combination at it's best. - There's even a Hammond Autoivari 64 analogue drum machine on top. Hammond X5 & Leslie 760

* Bass guitars, Acoustic and spanish guitars available too

* Laney guitar amp (valve pre-amp)
* Carlsbro Bass amp

* Instruments available from the EMIS Synthesiser Museum
which includes over 400 vintage synths and drum machines from a huge Roland System 100m modular system to an EDP Wasp.


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